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First visit? Sue explains CalmStars

Squeeze & Release. Calm Stars: ideal practical gift presents for pregnant mum to be before labour / birth. They are made in England
calm stars

NEWS: Celebrity mum to endorse Calmstars. Check back to see who it is once she has the baby. Calm Stars are a great idea as a gift or present. They help expectant mothers or mums to be in childbirth to focus on reducing stress by providing them with comfort and distraction.

The ergonomically designed stars provide stress relief and are the natural choice for women at any stages of pregnancy or child birth.

Comfortable to use and supplied with hygienic wipes this portable system is ideal for prolonged use.

Did you know during labour a woman should maintain levels of a hormone called oxytocin, also known as the happy hormone. Stress can reduce this level and slow labour. An example could be elevated stress when the woman transfers from familiar home surroundings to an unfamiliar hospital environment. To counter the known effects of stress professionals spend lots of time and education on the use of distraction to maintain good levels in labour. It starts well ahead of the labour with familiarisation trips to hospital, or well thought out written birthing plan and the use of a supportive birthing partner. During labour it involves simple tools such as bringing familiar items, photos or clothing, even soothing music, reduced lighting, birthing pools and more. Then there are further options such as electrical pain suppressors and finally hospital administered drugs, gas and air and epidurals etc. It is important for the mother to help baby by maintaining a calm mind throughout all stages. Good oxytocin levels and reduced stress are the goal. The squeeze and release motion is trying to help comfort the woman and suppress any anxieties by distraction. By remaining calm she can focus on the positive life altering experience that childbirth should be.

  • FREE set of handy sanitising hand wipes (triple pack) for use over extended time frame
  • Ergonomic star shape and material that moulds naturally to the hands.
  • Encourages mother to be to focus on the positive by distraction and comfort.
  • A positive point of focus for the mother to be will help baby.
  • Lightweight and portable. Requires no bulky batteries, power packs, drugs, cases.
  • Easy to operate and use. No instructions required. Instinctive to use.
  • Supportive towards the expectant mother and her natural instincts
  • Hygenic to clean and use.
  • Non-invasive and safe to use at any stage even during the actual birth.
  • Calmstars have been tested at all stages of labour.
    mum to be
    Customer testimonial: Hi Richard, Shirley C gave me the calm stars for me to try out during pregnancy/labour. Thank you so much it's very kind of you. I thought I would give you my initial feedback in case I forget after labour! Packaging and colours are perfect, really professional and informative, doesnt look cheap. I think the fact they are driven to pregnancy only is a great thing as there are so many mums [to be] who only want pregnancy products and it would also be a great gift at a baby shower. The shape is good and easy to use, Husband said he thinks it could be denser but I disagree! For me particularly, I am all for sanitising so the wipes are brilliant! All in all a great product that I would recommend. Thanks Sam C


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