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Superb range of point of sales equipment. Start off with our 6 pack deal and try it out. Then move up to our retail money saving packs of 50 units and for distributors 100 units per order. Simple and cost effective pricing which includes free delivery lets you know instantly what margin you can make. We supply some of the UK's leading independant retail outlets and are ready to help you add to your profit base.


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This simple retail item is lightweight to pick, pack and post with a weight of just 102grams which converts to a tiny £0.48 postage cost if you send out to your online customer as a single.

But if you add it to a shopping basket of goods then the shipping weight is tiny. This will improve your bottom line and return healthy profits.

In the baby market no one single product is going to make a difference to your margins but as you already know encouraging a customer to purchase additional lines and items is good for you.

CalmStars are an essential hospital bag item.

Your customers will want to ensure that the Birthing Bag contains an excellent selection of products that will make the labour process more comfortable.

In labour its often not just one single item that can bring aid and comfort to the mother to be.

Often its a range of items for example birthing balls, music, magazines, dim lighting, massage, essential oils like lavender and of course the comforting Calm Stars.

Over a period of time its not unusual to find that the mother to be transfers from one item to another. Its just what feels right at that time.

Offering your customers the chance to use Calm Stars is going to help them have the widest portfolio of items at their disposal at what is a difficult and emotional time. At a retail price of £9.99 its not going to break the bank.

A low cost solution and also a low risk investment from you.


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